6- Super Gasoline 97 Ron (UNL)

This is a standard specification of super gasoline 97 ron. We are able to offer super gasoline 97 ron on FOB, CFR and CIF basis.

Typical cargo volume: 25 KT to 30 KT
PDF specification: Super gasoline 97 ron

Specific Gravity @ 60/60°F   ASTM D-4052/ASTM D-1298 TO BE REPORTED
10% Vol. Recovery °C ASTM D-86 70 Max
50 % Vol. Recovery °C 118 Max
90 % Vol. Recovery °C 185 Max
End Point °C 225 Max
RVP @ 100°F psi ASTM D-5482/ASTM D-323 B 9.5 Max
Existent Gum mg / 100 ml ASTM D-381 5 Max
Research Octane Number   ASTM D-2699 97 Min
Copper Corrosion 3 Hrs. @ 50°C   ASTM D-130 No.1 Max
Total Sulphur % wt ASTM D-4045/IP336 0.01 Max
Doctor Test   ASTM D-4952 Negative
Induction Period @ 100°C Minutes ASTM D-525 240 Min
Benzene LV% ASTM D-6293 / ASTM D-5134 3.0 Max


Gasoline is a mixture of relatively volatile hydrocarbons that are derived from fractional distillation of crude petroleum with a further treatment mainly in terms of improvement of its octane rating.

Gasoline is primarily used as a fuel in automotive engines and also as farm machinery and in other spark ignition engines.