2- Solid Sulphur In Bulk

This is a standard specification of solid sulphur in bulk. Commercially free from arsenic selenium and tellurium. We are able to offer solid sulphur in bulk on FOB, CFR and CIF basis.

Typical Cargo: 20,000 to 35,000 MT ±10%.
PDF Specification: Solid sulphur in bulk

Purity on dry basis PCT WT A.M. 7 99.9907 99.80 min.
Organic matters PPMw A.M. 7 68 500 max.
Moisture content PCT WT S10-77 0.11 0.50 max.
Ash PPMw A.M. 7 25 300 max.
H2S PPMw A.M. 20 1.0 10.0 max
Acidity as H2SO4 Scott & Furman 10 50.0 max
Chloride as Cl PPMw Scott & Furman Nil 5.0 max


Global environmental regulations mandate the removal of Sulphur from most petroleum products and therefore most refinery and gas processing facilities have associated sulphur production.

Sulphur is an important industrial raw material used primarily in the manufacture of fertilizer and insecticides, sulphuric acid for industrial use (pulp and paper) and metal ore leaching (Copper, Nickel), gunpowder and matches plus building materials (cement filler) and asphalt (heat resistance).