2- Refinery Naphtha

This is a standard specification of refinery naphtha. We are able to offer refinery naphtha on FOB, CFR and CIF basis.

Typical Cargo Volume: 30 KT
PDF Specification: Refinery naphtha

Specific Gravity @ 60/60°F ASTM D-1298/ASTM D-4052 TO BE REPORTED
Colour Saybolt   ASTM D-156/ASTN D-6045 +25 Min
10% Volume Recovery °C ASTM D-86 55 Max
50% Volume Recovery °C 85 Max
90% Volume Recovery °C 135 Max
End Point °C 170 Max
RVP @ 100°F psia ASTM D-323/ASTM D-5482 13 Max
Mercaptan sulphur wt ppm ASTM D-3227 650 Max
Total Sulphur %wt ASTM D-4294 0.07 Max


Refinery naphtha is a light fraction of the hydrocarbons with boiling between 30°C and 150°C and consists of a complex mixture of hydrocarbon molecules generally having between 5 and 10 carbon atoms.

It is mainly used as feedstock in petrochemical steam crackers, where it is heated in the presence of water vapour and the absence of oxygen or air until the hydrocarbon molecules break up (or crack). The primary products of the cracking process are olefins (ethylene/ethane, propylene/propane and butadiene).