4- Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Condensate

This is a standard specification of NGL condensate. We are able to offer NGL condensate on FOB, CFR and CIF basis.

Typical Cargo Volume: 25KT to 40KT
PDF Specification: Natural gas liquids condensate

Reid Vapour Pressure psia at 100°F 10 – 14 ASTM D-323
Mercaptan Sulphur pm wt 350 – 650 *SMS – 177 -7
H2S Sulphur ppm wt 0 – 10  
S. G. 60/60°F 0.6470 – 0.6620 ASTM D-1298
Colour, Saybolt Minimum +20 ASTM D-156


NGL condensate, an acronym for Natural Gas Liquids Condensate, is hydrocarbons separated from Natural Gas as liquids through the different methods in the gas processing plants. NGL condensates are used mostly as raw material for further processing.