The bitumen has never had any of the perfect physical and mechanical characteristics per se thus; researchers are always trying to modify the bitumen characteristic. Modifying its characteristics will results to its higher quality and longevity; therefore, maintenance cost and the reparation will highly reduce. The main disadvantages of the bitumen are: high sensitivity, low extension, limited range of services of temperature, tension resistance characteristics and so forth.

The most important bitumen modifiers are polymers specially rubbers like SBS and ext. The polymer bitumen advantages includes: excellent adhesion characteristic, best performance in all two high and low temperature range, high elastic properties, better resistance against flowing and high temperature deformation, reduced temperature sensitivity, improve tensile strength and increased modulus of rigidity in high temperatures.

Characteristics: It has different grades according to its usage and the region used.

Usage: Protection asphalt; recycling; asphalt surface; sealing the cracks; Geotextiles.