7- Jet A-1 Fuel

Certified this batch of fuel meets the requirements of Def-Stan 91-91 Issue 6 Amendment 1 and AFQRJOS Checklist 24.

Typical Cargo Volume: 30 KT
PDF Specification: Jet A-1 fuel

Jet fuel is a transportation fuel produced and treated for use in the aviation industry.

Visual Appearance   Clear, bright and visually free from solid matter and undissolved water at ambient temperature  
Colour   Report ASTM D6045
Particulate, at point of manufacture mg/l Max. 1.0 ASTM D 5452
Particulate, at point of manufacture, cumulative channel particle counts ISO Code   IP 564
≥ 4 µm(c)   Report
≥ 6 µm(c)   Report
≥ 14 µm(c)   Report
≥ 21 µm(c)   Report
≥ 25 µm(c)   Report
≥ 30 µm(c)   Report
Total Acidity mg KOH/g Max 0.015 ASTM D3242
Aromatics % v/v Max 25.0 ASTM D1319
Sulfur, Total % m/m Max 0.30 ASTM D 5453
Sulfur, Mercaptan % m/m Max 0.0030 ASTM D3227
Doctor Test   Doctor Negative ASTM D 4952
Hydroprocessed Components % v/v Report  
Severely Hydroprocessed Components % v/v Report  
Initial Boiling Point °C Report ASTM D86
10% Recovery °C Max 205.0
50% Recovery °C Report
90% Recovery °C Report
End Point °C Max 300.0
Residue % v/v Max 1.5
Loss % v/v Max 1.5
Flash Point °C Min 38.0 ASTM D 56
Density at 15 °C kg/m3 Min 775.0 Max 840.0 ASTM D4052
Freezing Point °C Max minus 47.0 ASTM D2386
Viscosity at minus 20 °C mm2/s Max 8.000 ASTM D445
Smoke Point mm Min 25.0 ASTM D1322
Specific Energy MJ/kg Min 42.80 D4809
Copper Strip Class Max 1 ASTM D130
Thermal Stability, JFTOT     ASTM D3241
Test Temperature °C Min 260
Tube Rating Visual   Less than 3. No Peacock (P) or Abnormal (A)
Pressure Differential mm Hg Max 25
Existent Gum mg/100 ml Max 7 IP 540
MSEP Without SDA Rating Min 85 ASTM D3948
MSEP With SDA Rating Min 70
Electrical Conductivity pS/m Min 50 Max 600 ASTM D2624
Wear Scar Diameter mm Max 0.85 ASTM D5001
Antioxidant, RDE/A/609 mg / l 17 – 24 Calc
Static Dissipator Additive Stadis 450, RDE/A/621 mg / l Max 3.0 Calc
Metal Deactivator Additive mg / l Report Calc
Lubricity Improver Additive mg / l Report Calc
Fuel System Icing Inhibitor mg / l Report Calc