1- Full Range Naphtha

This is a standard specification of full range naphtha. We are able to offer full range naphtha on FOB, CFR and CIF basis.

Typical Cargo Volume: 30 KT
PDF Specification: Full range naphtha

Specific Gravity @ 60/60°F ASTM D-1298/ASTM D-4052 TO BE REPORTED
Colour Saybolt   ASTM D-156/ASTN D-6045 +25 Min
10% Volume Recovery °C ASTM D-86 55 Max
50% Volume Recovery °C 85 Max
90% Volume Recovery °C 135 Max
End Point °C 170 Max
RVP @ 100°F psia ASTM D-323/ASTM D-5482 13 Max
Mercaptan sulphur wt ppm ASTM D-3227 650 Max
Total Sulphur %wt ASTM D-4294 0.07 Max


Various grades of Naphtha are produced from refineries and gas plants, which are mixtures of flammable liquid hydrocarbons, typically used as feedstock for other refineries to produce high octane Gasoline and into petrochemical plants.

Full Range Naphtha is a light fraction of hydrocarbons with boiling points between 30°C and 200°C. A highly volatile mixture, it constitutes typically 15-30 percent of crude oil, by weight.