New methods of science development which nowadays are invented by the help of researchers and scientists from hundreds of researching centers around the world, causes important revolution in different fields of industry and engineering. There is no way except understanding this improvement, and using its effective results in all fields, for our country, Iran, in order to gain the permanent extension. Production of modified bitumen and emulsion which because of not polluting the environment are named the green bitumen is the result of modern working and technology in bitumen and asphalt industries.

About 900 tones of hydrocarbons are polluting the air in a day. If we suppose that the consumption of cutback in Tehran is 24.000tones a year, about 26tones of Kerosene is used in the asphalts of streets only in Tehran, which almost all this amount of Kerosene is vaporized as hydrocarbon and causes the 3% increase in the airpollution. Pasargad Oil Company, which announced the upgrading of the life quality through production of high quality and suitable products as one of its responsibilities, made the production of bitumen emulsion and substitution with cutback as its goal and started to investigate in this field from 2004. So Pasargad Oil Company started to build and install 7 units of bitumen emulsion and.

Advantages of Using the Green Bitumen

  • Preventing the waste of 200,000tones of Kerosene per year.
  • Preventing the of air pollution by hydrocarbons.
  • Preventing the dangers of heating the cutback in workshops.
  • Preventing the soil pollution with oil solvents.
  • Speed in covering and preparing the roads (preventing the traffic and wasting the time and resources).
  • Capability of production of cold asphalt in order to recycle and reuse the waste of old asphalt.
  • In agriculture, using the emulsion causes the better growth of plants.
  • Stopping the moving sand and preventing the growth of deserts.

Bitumen Emulsion Mechanism and Function

Bitumen emulsion is water based environment in which bitumen is dispersed as tiny particles with the diameter of about 0.1 to 5 microns. The percentage of water in this mixture can be about 30 to 50 percent which can be changed depends on the application of this emulsion.

Bitumen particles are made by a special machine called (Colloidal Mill). The main usage of this machine which is the main part of an emulsion production plant is cutting the heated bitumen into tiny pieces and mixing it with water.

A material called Emulsifier prevents the sticking of the bitumen particles together in water environment. Emulsifier molecules cover the outer layer of each bitumen particle and make them electrically positive or negative. As a result all the particles will be positive or negative which causes them not to stick together and emulsion will not break.

Some of the Usage of Bitumen Emulsion

  • Tack coat
  • Prime coat
  • Dust palliative
  • Mulch treatment
  • Slurry seal
  • Sand seal
  • Fog seal
  • Protection Coat
  • Micro surfacing
  • Cold mixed asphalt
  • Recycle