1- Deodourized Field Condensate (DFC)

These indicative specifications are for information purposes only and shall not be binding upon the Seller. The Seller will bear no liability for delivering condensate that doesn’t conform to these specifications.

Typical Cargo Volume: 500,000 to 1,000,000 BBLS ±5% buyer’s option
PDF specification: Deodourized field condensate

Specific Gravity 0.72 – 0.76
55 – 65 API
True Vapour Pressure ≤ 0.76 bar (g) @ 4 °C
Hydrogen Sulphide Nil
Total Sulphur, wt % ≤ 0.3
Mercaptan Sulphur, ppm (w) ≤ 600
C1-C3 Mercaptan, ppm (w) < 5
BS & W < 0.3%


Deodorized Field Condensate is low in mercaptan with paraffinic hydrocarbon stream. Produced due to liquefaction of natural gas found in the large North Field offshore Qatar in the Arabian Gulf, it yields paraffinic light naphtha suitable for leaded motor gasoline blending and ethylene cracker feedstock.

In addition, this condensate has a high yield of intermediate quality (naphthenic and aromatic content) for motor gas. The high yield of jet turbine quality fuel as well as high cetane gasoil with good flow properties makes this an attractive condensate for distillate production. It is also used to blend with heavy crude.