MC-250 bitumen is a type of dissolved bitumen. To produce this type, solvent oils such as Kerosene are used in order to change bitumen into dissolved bitumen or liquid pitch, so that, during consumption process, the solvent oil evaporates and the bitumen residue to obtain the desirable adhesion.


Bitumen MC-250 Specification Test method
Kin.vis.@60 C Cst.250-500 D-2170
Flash point (tag open-cup) C 66 min. D-3143
Distillation test   D-402
Distillate, vol% of total distillate to 360 C    
To 225 C (vol)% 10 max.  
To 260 C (vol)% 15-55  
To 316 C (vol)% 60-87  
Residue from distillation    
To 360 C (vol)% 67 min.  
Test on residue from distillation:    
Ductility @25 C Cms. 100 min. D-113
Penetration @25 C 120-250 D-5
Solubility in trichloroethylene (Wt)% 99.0 min. D-2042
Water content (vol)% 0.2.max. D-95
Water content (vol)% 0.2.max. D-95



This type of bitumen is most commonly used as an adhesive material between road foundation and asphalt coating, in road construction industries, which include superstructure and foundation.(Nowadays the usage of this type declines because of its replacement with the water base bitumen like bitumen emulsion, which performs better, while eliminating the dangerous environmental impacts.)