BituBale is a new technology, which has no harmful impacts on environment, and can provide the ability to packing different grade of bitumen to transport and easier use of product.


Dual covering film of polyethylene, which during the solvent (melt) has dissolved in bitumen and improve the packing bitumen quality.
The weight of every shit of BituBale is 25 Kg. And every 16 shits are grouped into one SBS bag and placed into a jumbo lifting bag. The weight of every jumbo bag is around 400 kg.

The Advantages of BituBail for the Customer

  • Reduction of packaging costs.
  • Reduction of the residue-waste caused by heat process at the time of replacement of containers and bitumen`s conveyance, and it`s economical pattern compared to other traditional packing.
  • An efficient use of transportation space and the reduction of costs of replacement rather than barrel conveyance of bitumen.
  • Reduced insurance costs regarding the lower packing risk of bitumen than other methods of packing for the costumers.
  • Reduction of costs of product`s heating process.
  • Elimination of the recycle costs and repelling the barrel, and the other residues resulting from bitumen transportation.
  • The BituBale technology uses a performed polymer film in between the heating process of the product as an adaptable ingredient which can be effective in increasing the quality of bitumen.
  • The easy transportation to the ultimate consumption place considering the low weight and the flexible packing.
  • Usage of the high developed distribution for distributors of construction materials.


The common performances of this product are in building and road construction and also to product different insulators.