Export Of Petroleum Products

We offer direct help in getting contracts for regulated and non-regulated petroleum products with Qatar Petroleum. Our team works closely with Members of The Board of an independent state-owned company in Qatar that is the sole export marketing company of Qatar Petroleum. This government company is the one that does export sales.

You may of course apply directly. However, the fact is – your application will be among hundreds. There is no guarantee it would get to the top of a pile and end up getting a contract or any quota in any near future. If you make mistakes in the application – you could be added to the black list, which means no petroleum contracts for you in the Gulf from now on as this list is shared among end suppliers.

Why Us ?

  • We’ll handle all the work for you and take you through the whole application process.
  • Our relationship allow us to bypass the application que.
  • We are able to get the volume required and get the contract much quicker.
  • We are also able to arrange a quota for our buyer.


Please note that we do not work with agents or brokers. We work with end buyers only. To get a contract from QP there is a procedure which has to be followed. There is no other way! The price, volume and contract terms are discussed at the table only, not by phone or by email. We require the following documents which are screened and passed on to the Qatar company.

  • Company license
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • 3 years auditing financial report documents
  • 2 bank different reference letter
  • Company profile
  • Customer registration form – 3 parts
  • Upon approval – face to face meeting is set up in Qatar


In petroleum business in Qatar it is not possible to claim any reward from a refinery, because all refineries belong to the government. Therefore, we work on the following terms only:

  • The Buyer assigns our company as the Buyer’s mandate agent.
  • The Buyer agrees to pay our company commission based on the contract.
  • Commission is paid by the Buyer to our company upon signing a contract with the Seller.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for 1-2 day joint meeting in Qatar are to be paid by the Buyer.